Chris Esposito

Real Estate Broker

Mount Prospect

About Chris Esposito

Be Treated Like Family!

Treat your clients like they are family. Nothing is more important than to know you are being listened to and respected. Each person has their own needs and requirements.
Real estate involves more than just buying or selling a house. Whether you are a first time home buyer or have sold your home and moved many times. Real estate laws change and so do your personal needs and requirements. You need all of your questions answered professionally from start to finish. Where do I start? How much can I spend? What will be my monthly payments? What type of home do we want? How much profit will we generate from our house sale? I can help answer all of these questions and more. I will guide you through the process step by step from beginning to end.

Most of my business does come to me as referrals from past clients who felt I answered their questions and treated them like family. Let's meet and talk. I can help you too.
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